The ESHIP Summit Seeks to Foster Entrepreneurship – That’s Where You Come In

Registration for the 2019 ESHIP Summit just opened to the general public. If the Summit isn’t on your summer radar, readjust your scope. For those who support entrepreneurs and take a collaborative, system-wide approach to fostering entrepreneurship, the ESHIP Summit is the place you need to be.

The ESHIP Summit works to connect people and resources – and break down silos – in entrepreneurial communities, or “ecosystems,” around the country.

As an entrepreneur yourself, you know what it’s like to build a business from the ground up. Most likely, you had help along the way. Attendees at the Summit are that help. They believe in inclusivity and equity and are exploring new models, tools, resources, and knowledge for entrepreneur-led economic development. They understand the value of entrepreneurship and how innovation can come from the people directly in the center – the makers, doers, and dreamers. That’s you.

The Summit is another effort at removing barriers to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship doesn’t stop five or six or 20 years after you opened your doors – it’s a process. It’s ongoing. Of course, you don’t need us to tell you that.

Come share your ideas with the organizations and leaders working to foster entrepreneurship in your community. Talk to fellow entrepreneurs about their own struggles and successes. But remember: attendees must be ready to come to contribute ideas, talent, tools and case studies to advance the field of ecosystem building. There are no panels or keynote speakers. This is no typical conference. You’ll work with like-minded people – or conversely, people with different viewpoints from yours – on new ways to further the emerging field of ecosystem building.

Over the course of three days, attendees will collaborate and share ideas on innovative programs as well as participate in small group discussions. The goals of the ESHIP Summit include:

  • Helping each other advance the work in our communities.
  • Authoring the ecosystem building vision, value proposition and vocabulary for this emerging field.
  • Creating interlocking networks of ecosystem building professionals and the national resource organizations who support them.
  • Better defining ecosystem building metrics and outcomes.
  • Developing approaches to engage all stakeholders in a community.
  • Sharing examples of effective ecosystem building strategies.

At this year’s Summit, we’re kicking off a multi-year delivery process to begin to bring solutions to the ESHIP goals to life.

If breaking down barriers to further entrepreneurial growth is your passion, check out the ESHIP Summit website for more information about registering for the 2019 ESHIP Summit.