Lele Bombe


The Concept

A social enterprise focused on collaborating with Colombia’s indigenous artisan community, Lele Bombe connects people to handmade wearable art with a cause. The company works solely with displaced indigenous communities, often victims of Colombia’s past armed conflict. Our goal is to preserve the culture of these underrepresented artisans and empower the community tribal leaders, women artisans and their families.





“With FastTrac I was able to learn about resources that helped me to refine my business plan and quantify the opportunity in the marketplace. It helped me to refine my business plan, rebuilding it and strengthening many times over.”

Plan the Strategy

By connecting indigenous artists with conscious shoppers, Lele Bombe is able to support native communities of Columbia and help shoppers find the ethically sources jewelry they are looking for. Preserving the culture of these underrepresented artisans and empowering the community tribal leaders, women artisans and their families are able to provide handmade jewelry to distributors and interested consumers around the world.

Grow the Revenue

Partnering with large brands and small boutiques alike, Alexa continues to acquire and solidify partnerships with jewelers and distributors. Leveraging her community, Alexa has been able to grow her business by participating in events such as the Brooklyn Holiday Pop-up Market.  

Expand the Market

The next step is product diversification, we are taking our artisans designs, reimagining them as print artwork and merging it with apparel. Aimed at our travel-based audience looking for an  “everyday tee”  that makes an impact

Insight / Hindsight

“Without a solid foundation, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. FastTrac helped me to frame the market research in a way that really solidified the opportunity that existed for sustainable and fair-trade programs. My ability to quantify that opportunity has led me to additional growth opportunities.”  

Alexa Simeone

Founder and Creative Director

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