The Roasterie


The Concept

The Roasterie’s vision is to serve discerning customers by sourcing and roasting the world’s finest coffee. The Roasterie strives to create extraordinary coffee experiences through accountability, commitment, excellence, passion, positivity, teamwork and abiding by The Golden Rule.





“FastTrac had a huge impact on me and a lot of my colleagues in that class. First and foremost, validation and, just as important, confidence. Not everybody’s honest about it but most of us are scared to death when we’re starting. I can still feel my gut right now when I say that, how I felt in 1993, scared to death. I was.”

Plan the Strategy

The Roasterie seeks to serve an extraordinary cup of coffee by buying the best beans available (worldwide), roasting them in the best way known to man (air roasting) and delivering them in a quick and outstanding manner.

Grow the Revenue

Since opening the first café in 2005, The Roasterie now has several cafes/retail locations across the Kansas City area. By fostering strong and lasting relationships, more than 600 businesses grocery stores, restaurants, colleges and universities choose The Roasterie for its coffee, iced and hot teas and distribution services.

Expand the Market

Since the first beans that were roasted in Danny O’Neil’s basement, The Roasterie has grown out of two official production facilities. In 2012, the company was able to open a production facility which also featured the company’s third Roasterie Café and the Bean Hangar, an industrial-chic event space.

Insight / Hindsight

“The fear can do a lot of things. It can motivate you. It can immobilize you or paralyze you. For me, the fear scares the hell out of me. It makes me go do whatever I need to do.”

Danny O’Neil

Owner and Founder of The Roasterie

Graduated: 1993

Course: FastTrac NewVenture

Affiliate: Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership