Paolini Garment District


The Concept

Paolini Garment Company designs and makes luxury custom menswear, including suits, tuxedos, shirts, sportcoats, trousers, and overcoats, striving to elevate the design experience and ensuring that our garments are the absolute favorites in discerning clients’ wardrobes.





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Plan the Strategy

To meet the needs of their target clientele, Paolini Garment Company delivers outstanding service, design, fit, fabric and personalized details. Each garment is custom-designed and tailored using twenty-five different measurements — including posture adjustments — for unparalleled fit. Using only the finest materials from around the world, the company elevates its creations by allowing clients to choose every custom detail, from fabric to lining to cut.

Grow the Revenue

Paolini has worked to build business efficiencies and grow his clientele through word of mouth. He’s also invested in growing his online presence, eCommerce platform and elevating the company’s prominence locally. By designing and making custom apparel for numerous sports professionals, Paolini has been able to create brand recognition.

Expand the Market

Becoming the official partner of the professional soccer team, Sporting Kansas City and the professional tennis player, Jack Sock, has helped to grow the companies notoriety. 


By collaborating with former Sporting KC All Star, Aurelien Collin, the company was able to create fashion shows and charity auctions, including a high-profile show during the 2013 Major League Soccer All-Star Week. By participating in similar events, the company is able to broaden their marketing reach. 

Tom Paolini

Founder and President of Paolini Garment District

Graduated: 2009

Course: FastTrac NewVenture

Affiliate: Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership