Entrepreneur Business Basics

Kansas City, Kansas

We train and equip low-to-moderate income African American Entrepreneurs utilizing a blended format of Kauffman FastTrac to target the specific business needs of their community. Deduplication archived values (Apr. 17, 2020 at 05:56PM by UTC): Start of current Annual Review Year: 2019-08-15 Affiliate Age of Record: 2.0 Primary Contact Work Email: info@ebbkc.com Last Modified By :: Name: EDX Integration Account 18 Digit ID: 0010b00002H9eV6AAJ Account Phone: 913-827-3755 Email: info@ebbkc.com Primary Contact Email: info@ebbkc.com Primary Contact Phone: 9138273755 Owner :: Name: EDX Integration x.DNU Organization Phone: 9138273755 Age Last Course Date: 0.0 Retail: true

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