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Meet the dreamers-turned-business owners who took the leap with Kauffman FastTrac®.

A photo of Bernie Lee

Bernadette Lee

Founder, Art for Architecture

Not being afraid to talk about your work, Bernadette says, is the best way to get your business out there.

A photo of Clifton Alexander

Alexander Clifton

Founder, Reactor

Alexander says that forming deeper relationship with employees, clients, and community provides a better client and provider relationship.

A photo of Jesse Hufft

Jesse Hufft

Founder, Hufft

Finding individuals that specialize in those specific areas early on can help manage that initial stage more effectively; at the same time, Jesse says that it’s okay not to know everything.

A photo of Juanita Singleton

Juanita Singleton

Founder, Regal Home Care

One of the recommendations Juanita suggests to individuals starting their business is building a support system.

A photo of Kendra Wyatt

Kendra Wyatt

Founder, New Birth Company

Kendra says that one of the downfalls of entrepreneurs and founders is not adapting with trends to stay fresh and current for their customers,

A photo of Brandon Redmond

Brandon Redmond

Founder, Redmond Renovations

When asked what advice he’d give to other entrepreneurs, Brandon says to learn to be your authentic self.

A photo of India Wells-Carter

India Wells-Carter

Founder, Fresh Factory

Even if one may be scared to take the next step, India says that one must do it without letting fear set in.

John Gordon

John Gordon

Founder, BoysGrow

John says that sharing the concept of the business with others can truly elevate the resources and network one creates.

A photo of Kelly Byrnes

Kelly Byrnes

Founder, Voyage Consulting Group

As an entrepreneur, Kelly says that taking time to care for yourself and finding ways to energize outside of the business is crucial.

A photo of Rob Oyler

Rob Oyler

Founder, WANRack

Rob says that aspiring entrepreneurs should take their time and not rush when determining what their service or product will be.