Kendra Wyatt, founder of New Birth Company

A photo of Kendra Wyatt

Kendra Wyatt, founder of New Birth Company

The Concept

The New Birth Company provides an alternate option to the hospital childbirth encounter and instead focuses on the experience of mothers-to-be by placing an emphasis on empowering and lifting the voices of mothers.

Plan the Strategy

Founder Kendra Wyatt traveled outside the U.S. to study birth centers and alternate approaches to childbirth that would not treat pregnancy as an ailment, a model she felt was the norm in the existing U.S. healthcare system. Bringing back ideas to shift the narrative of pregnancy and childbirth, Kendra turned to mentors and experts on the topic like her co-founder and midwife, Cathy Gordon, to bring the New Birth Company to life. With the vision of providing mothers with ultimate care and understanding, Kendra made it a staple in the company that all employees must be individuals who have been mothers themselves that understood the beauty and empowerment of pregnancy.

Grow the Revenue

Through the years, Kendra and her co-founder Cathy Gordon have continuously advocated to win contracts with insurance companies across the Missouri and Kansas state lines to allow nurse midwives to receive their reimbursement. Outside of their own responsibilities, Kendra works with her employees to create a work environment that encourages professional development opportunities and champions curiosity for employees desiring to learn more about different departments within the company.

Expand the Market

To increase services and grow the number of clients, a second childbirth center opened. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and difficulties with increasing reimbursement for midwives, the company took the difficult decision to close the center. “There are factors that sometimes you don’t have control over them,” Kendra said. “An entrepreneurial pearl of wisdom is not giving up but having to understand that as much as you want to keep fighting it, it’s not the season for it and its okay.” After closing the center, the company was able to receive support and resources that allowed New Birth Company to continue to thrive throughout the pandemic and beyond. As the company looks ahead, reopening the second childbirth center is a mission they hope to work towards.


“I think one of the downfalls of entrepreneurs and founders is that their company ages with them,” Kendra said. “Keeping up with current trends can help connect with the client base and other generations and can help build the trust and understanding in the client to company relationship.”