Rob Oyler, founder of WANRack

A photo of Rob Oyler

Rob Oyler, founder of WANRack

The Concept

Founded by Rob Oyler, WANRack is a company that builds, designs, and maintains fiber-optics networks across the nation, with a specialty working with school districts. With over ten years of experience, expansion across 23 states, and construction of 211 school districts, the company serves as an infrastructure provider for communities in the United States.

Plan the Strategy

Rob’s experience working at a smaller company eventually forged the way to becoming an entrepreneur, due to being allowed into a space where he could learn the processes to reach business goals directly from company founders.  With a new perspective and a telecommunications background, Rob decided to go after a school district and pitch their services, ultimately becoming WANRack’s first costumer.

Grow the Revenue

As a company regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, schools – which are the primary client – can get reimbursed, further increasing the capital access.

Expand the Market

Although school districts are WANRack’s main consumer, the company sells broadband to other stakeholders such as local municipalities, hospitals, libraries, as well as data centers. “Our anchor tenant is the school district, and it amazes me, I’m just always blown away by how little bandwidth folks have nationwide,” Rob said. “The majority of our nation is underserved or unserved by broadband.” In response to WANRack becoming the main provider in a neighborhood, competitors will lower their price by 60% and improve the quality of their services, benefiting the entire ecosystem.


As more individuals question if they should become entrepreneurs or what their service or product would be, Rob said that people should take their time and not rush. “The world needs you to be successful, so do it right the first time and take the time.” Seeking advice from other successful entrepreneurs is helpful in the early stages as one tries to fine tune the business model.