Kelly Byrnes, founder of Voyage Consulting Group

Kelly Byrnes, founder of Voyage Consulting Group

A photo of Kelly Byrnes

The Concept

The Voyage Consulting Group is a firm that supports the leadership development of management while assisting in the growth, structure, and culture of the workplace.

Plan the Strategy

Moving up levels within a corporate setting allowed Kelly Brynes to get an inside view into the ways an organization can be managed. The experience in the field showcased the various workplace environments and attitudes that leaders exemplified towards their employees and helped Kelly formulate her own view on a workplace culture. Kelly was able to take the leap of faith and start her own firm due to the confidence in her expertise on the subject, she said.

Grow the Revenue

When meeting with potential clients, Kelly makes it a priority to help inform companies about the importance of work culture and the impact it can have on the employee experience to ensure they understand its value before pitching her services.  “When I explain that, that really gets their attention and I use data from other organizations and then they can start thinking about how that relates to their company,” Kelly said. At the same time, Kelly undergoes her own review to see if the company would be a good fit as a potential client. If the values do not align, a referral will be made instead, Kelly said.

Expand the Market

Part of the work culture, Kelly says, is sharing the vision of the company to the rest of the employees and looking beyond what motivates them beyond the money. “People are more inspired when they’re part of something bigger and lining your pocket isn’t going to be it,” Kelly said. Through conversations with potential clients and their employees, awareness on the importance of investing in the work environment has increased, bringing more clients ready to change their existing system.


As an entrepreneur, Kelly says that taking time to care for yourself and finding ways to energize outside of the business is crucial to ensure your life feels fulfilling and can help you become a better leader. “Movement leads to momentum. Keep moving forward and that builds up momentum to make good things happen,” Kelly said. “Enjoy now, enjoy the journey.”