Largo, Maryland

The Inncuvate and INNOHUB@PGCC partnership exists in order to celebrate and amplify the incredible ingenuity of the people of Prince George?s County and the surrounding region. We are a community and learning platform created to accelerate the growth of entities in Prince George?s County and support the local creators and entrepreneurs who want to break barriers to turn their dreams into realities. Our network of creators and entrepreneurs come to us to sharpen their skills and build this county?s next great businesses that have exponential economic and community development impact. We Aim To: Educate more residents on finances, business, and entrepreneurship. Empower the local small and minority businesses that are vital to the Prince George?s County economy Broaden and diversify the economic development impact for small businesses, existing entrepreneurs, and new entrepreneurs.  Support economic development that benefits residents and creates a stronger commercial tax base in all county districts.

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