Wenatchee Valley College Center for Entrepreneurship

Wenatchee, Washington

The Center for Entrepreneurship at Wenatchee Valley College assists existing and future entrepreneurs by providing a one-stop access point for regional resources designed to help you start and grow your business in North Central Washington. Through our network, we offer: Entrepreneurial Support -Starting and growing a business requires deep support. The Center for Entrepreneurship provides networking, mentoring, education, business plan development, workshops, and connections to other entrepreneurs. You focus on building your business, and we?ll provide the support to get you where you?re going. Customized Training - Do you need to train new employees or upgrade the skills of existing employees? Whether you are a large business, a small business, or starting your own business, we have a growing list of training courses designed to be customized to meet your business goals. Training Grants - Training grants may be available for businesses with multiple employees that need upgraded or enhanced skills. The expected result after training is that these employees will be eligible for increased wages and/or promotions. Contact the Center for Entrepreneurship to learn if your business is eligible. Thrive! - The Center for Entrepreneurship is your connection to the Washington State Thrive program. This program supports existing companies in North Central Washington and facilitates growth into outside markets by assisting with strategic issues and providing access to sophisticated research tools. Second-stage companies benefit the most from a Thrive experience: They typically have 6 to 99 employees and generate about $1 million to $50 million in annual revenue, depending on their industry. Contact the Center for Entrepreneurship to determine if your business qualifies for these resources. Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) - The SEAP Program is a partnership between WVC's Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs). This program provides guidance and resources to unemployed individuals interested in launching a business.

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